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Tomás Fernando Flores

Radio 3

Director Radio 3

Tomás Fernando Flores is the director of Radio 3. He is one of the journalists most prestigious cultural sites in the country. Bachelor of Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and titled by the Official Institute of Radio and Television. It began on the radio in the late 1970s, on Radio Popular de Puertollano Then he joined RNE, doing programs like Diario Pop, Reserved Zone, High Impedance or Arrebato. He is currently in charge of Siglo 21 reference program.

He has presented programs, concerts and festivals on TVE, where he has directed spaces like Planet Rock or Out of Series. Collaborate with the newspaper El Mundo since its founding and in other specialized publications. He was director of Discoplay Musical Yearbook. He has been a programmer at La Casa Encendida de Madrid and other organizations and cultural centers, where he has exercised commissar and / or lecturer. He combines his journalistic work with pedagogical He is a professor of the Radio Master’s Degree at the Complutense University from Madrid.

He has been awarded, among others, with the Golden Antenna Radio Award and the Ondas award for his professional career.