FORMENTERA 2.0 - Cultura digital. Nuevas tecnologías. Comunicación

What is Formentera 2.0?


Formentera 2.0 is an opportunity for experts in creativity, new technologies and digital communication  to meet in the unique setting of Formentera.

This is a unique occasion to your mind, encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge and be in touch with what is happening in the field of digital culture. This is a great opportunity to connect, share and learn with leading professionals.

The proximity and exchange between speakers and attendees in an inspirational environment like Formentera is an important feature of an event such as this.

Formentera 2.0 is a multidisciplinary meeting aimed at enthusiasts and those curious about the Web digital environment; journalists, communicators, creative, media and marketing managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, content and community managers, institutions and organizations, bloggers and people who want to be up-to-date with new technologies and Web digital communication.

Formentera 2.0 philosophy is to learn to enjoy.

Disconnect to connect.

Direction: Rosa Castells